Jealous Body Scrub – Coconut + Coffee


Happy Easter weekend, beauties! 🙂 It’s been so beautiful this week. I’m loving Spring!

After coming out of winter, my skin has been so dry. I’m sure most of you have had those issues. A wonderful company contacted me a few weeks ago called Jealous Body Scrub. They wanted me to try their Coffee + Coconut scrub and to share my thoughts.

First Impressions

I love the smell of coconut and I love the smell of coffee. So, you can imagine, I love the smell of this scrub. When I first opened the bag it smelled like roasted coffee beans..very relaxing, in my opinion.

I thought the packaging was cute. I love the brown paper bag look and the teal coloring of the logo. The inside of the bag has got a liner so everything stays together. I didn’t bring the bag into the shower with me just because I wasn’t sure what would happen so I put a handful of scrub in a mug and placed it on a shelf in the shower.



Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Sea Salt

Raw Brown Sugar

Robusta Coffee

Vitamin E and other Minerals


How To Use

After you’ve wet your skin in the shower, take out 2-3 scoops of this scrub, rub in circular motions all over your body and leave it on for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse it off.




Increases blood flow

Helps repair and replenish skin

Helps to diminish dry skin, varicose veins, acne, and other skin issues.

Over-all Impressions

 This scrub feels incredible. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first used this. Some scrubs can be very harsh – especially when you have dry skin. I found using this to be super relaxing 🙂 I used it in both circular and back and forth motions on my skin and both felt great. After my shower, my skin felt very moisturized and soft. Even after using my Olay body soap, my skin felt very soft still. I used this even under my arms so that I could get my lymph nodes stimulated and my blood flowing. I have had some issues in the past with swollen lymph nodes. I feel like this scrub has worked very well so far. I have no complaints that I can think of. It says it takes 4 weeks to really see results with varicose veins so I will see how that goes. It does get slightly messy in the shower but everything can easily be washed away. Well worth the tiny mess in my opinion. 🙂

Retail price: $17.95

Have you tried a body scrub like this?

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*Disclaimer: I received this body scrub free of cost from Jealous Body Scrub. All opinions of this product are my own.

Kneipp Product Review


In the past few months, I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know this wonderful company called Kneipp. I love the story of who they are and why they are and I adore their products. What they offer is natural products based on the holistic philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp.

Sebastian Kneipp was a naturopath and priest and when he was younger he had an extreme case of tuberculosis. Happening to stumble across a hydrotherapy book, he decided to immerse himself every so often into the freezing waters of the Danube river. With those sudden shocks to his system, he actually strengthened it and even put his tuberculosis into remission! Because of this, Sebastian decided to dedicate his life to utilizing the healing properties of water.

As Sebastian got older, he made friends with a pharmacist who also believed in naturopathy and they created products from natural plant extractions and created products that Kneipp to-this-day uses as a basis in their products. Kneipp has been manufacturing health and wellness products since 1891! Their main site is actually in Germany but they’ve got employees world-wide.

Here are some of their products: kneipp-enjoy-life-bath Enjoy Life Bath with May Chang & Lemon – Said that it is mood-improving, refreshing and uplifting 🙂 This has Sunflower seed oil, Lemon peel, May Chang and Citronella oil. May Chang is a citrus-y smelling evergreen that is mostly found in China and Indonesia. Sources say it is antibiotic, anti-infectious, and anti-inflammatory. This fragrance will lift your spirits. I find that citrus smells are invigorating and help you feel at ease. If you know how much I love cleaning, you know I love the smell of clean. lol . This makes your skin feel soft, too. 🙂

Soft Skin Bath with Almond Blossom – This is for both dry and sensitive skin. I’ve got both, unfortunately. The fortunate news is that this contains:

  1. Almond Oil – Rich in A, B, and E vitamins and is great for your skin! It’s super moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.
  2. Guaiacwood Oil – Used as a fragrance and has notes that are honey, floral, and woody. Used as aromatherapy it is anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving, and a lymphatic decongestant.
  3. Orange Flower Extract – Smells amazing and is soothing.

kneipp-stress-free-bath-mandarin-orange Stress-Free Bath with Mandarin & Orange – Contains Mandarin Orange Peel and Orange Peel. I think it smells really nice. I love how this foams in the bathtub. (Not to say this is a bubble bath. It’s not.) It also dilutes in the bathtub. There are directions on the bottle but you can pour in what you’d like. The only thing I’d be careful of is that it does have dye in it and will semi-dye your hands if it gets straight on them haha. Other than that, very relaxing and smells wonderful. Not too strong of a fragrance.

Anti-Callus Salve with Calendula and Rosemary – Contains Jojoba oil, Beeswax, Rosemary, Orange Oil, and Carnauba Wax. I really wanted to try this on my husband and see what his results are. He walks all day long with a 60 lb camera in his hands so this would be perfect for him. But, I tried it on myself and it was extremely moisturizing. I didn’t love the smell, but hey, if it works , it works! 🙂 I’ll have to experiment on my husband soon lol.

Jojoba Massage Oil – Contains Jojoba, Primrose, Avocado, Cymbopogon Martini , and Cinnamomum  Cassia(Cinnamon) Leaf Oils. Loved this oil. It’s very moisturizing, it smells nice (not too overwhelming) and it’s very relaxing. Smells sort of Christmas spice-y but not super strong. My husband and I used to go to a massage school and get massages but since we moved, we haven’t had the chance to get a massage. We’ve taken turns using this and it’s super relaxing. 🙂 I would totally recommend buying this for yourself but also for a relaxing go-to for your spouse or loved-one. Trust me, they’ll love you.

So far, I’m totally impressed with Kneipp. They have great products for all different circumstances and their products are of great quality.

If you’d like to buy any products from them go to :

All of their products are fairly inexpensive.

*Disclaimer – I did receive these products free of charge. As with all posts, my opinions are my own.