Re-Play Recycled: Toddler and Baby Tableware

Re-Play Recycled Plate, Fork and Sippy Cup from the Sorbet Collection

Re-Play Recycled Cups from Sorbet Collection

I have a favorite tableware company for kids, and it’s called Re-Play Recycled

Re-Play Recycled Plate, Sippy Cup and Fork from Sorbet Collection

If you’re not familiar with Re-Play Recycled, let me give you a rundown on them. They are a family-owned and family-focused company who make children’s tableware out of recycled milk jugs! It’s honestly the coolest thing. Everything they create is manufactured in the United States. To date, Re-Play Recycled has been able to save 20 MILLION milk jugs from the landfill. 

Re-Play Recycled Sorbet CollectionRe-Play Recycled Cups from Sorbet Collection

I absolutely love what this company stands for. All Replay products are free of BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, phthalates and melamine. Also, everything is sanitized with the strictest standards. To reduce their carbon footprint, Replay tries to keep travel from production to packaging very short — unlike companies who hire production in other countries. 

Close up of sectioned plate from Re-Play Recycled Sorbet Collection

What I’m Loving About Re-Play Recycled Tableware

  1. So. many. colors! Something that is great about Replay’s tableware is that there is no short of colors to choose from. You can go simple with black and white or spruce it up with bright and cheery colors.
  2. Their tableware is thick and not flimsy.
  3. An assortment of products for children: plates, bowls, cups, utensils and snack stacks.
  4. Very simple to wash.
  5. Simple to use and assemble.
  6. The price is right.
  7. Easy to find in stores and online.

Sectioned plates from Re-Play Recycled Sorbet Collection

Close up of snack containers from Re-Play Recycled Sorbet Collection

I currently have the Sorbet Collection and love it so much. It brightens up my kitchen and looks so pretty up on the shelf. It has every piece of tableware I could want for Avery. Included with the collection is:

  • divided plates — awesome if you have a picker eater or just want to keep foods separated.
  • flat plates
  • bowls
  • sippy cups
  • 10 oz drinking cups
  • snack pods with lids — they’re stackable!
  • forks
  • spoons

Re-Play Recycled Sorbet Collection

Re-Play Recycled Sorbet Collection : Plates, Cups and Utensils

I would highly recommend buying a collection because it’ll last for ages and you get all the tableware you could need for your child.  But, of course if you want to try out some of Re-Play Recycled‘s products, they do sell them individually and in small bundles too.

Snacking from the Re-Play Recycled Snack Container

Eating Sherbet with a Re-Play Recycled Spoon

Be sure to check out Re-Play Recycled online and show them some love! 🙂 They’re an awesome company. You can find them on TWITTER | FACEBOOK | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM

*These products were sent to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are my own.