DockATot Grand Lounger – Perfect For Toddlers!

DockATot Baby Grand

If you’ve seen my previous post about the DockATot, you know that it is a prized possession in my family! We love it.

DockATot Grand Baby Lounger

The DockAtot was the first sleeper I ever put my daughter in to help her sleep when she came home from the hospital. She learned to sleep through the night in it around 5-months-old. And now that my daughter is a toddler it is the perfect place for her to lounge or take a nap if she chooses.

DockATot Grand

A Few Features I Have Loved About the DockATot

  1. You can carry it around. This is so nice when you have a smaller baby that needs to be watched over 24/7. I would carry mine to the living room and place it on the couch beside me while I blogged or did laundry, etc.
  2. It mimics the cozy space of a womb so baby feels secure and happy.
  3. Once baby gets bigger, you can resize or undo the strap at the bottom of the DockATot to accommodate their length.
  4. The outer layer is washable. Have a stain? No problem. Wash and dry the DockAtot with ease.
  5. The smaller DockATot (Deluxe+) can fit in a suitcase easily. I liked to pack the DockATot in my checked baggage for trips and place all my other items inside of it. The DockAtot Grand is larger (think crib sized), so if you wanted to, I’m sure you could fold it into your bag.
  6. Very soft!
  7. When you have a smaller baby, it is great because they can’t roll out of it. It makes it easier to co-sleep with them but it also gives you peace of mind if you need to step out of the room for just a minute.
  8. Excellent lounger for toddlers. They can watch movies in it or simply take a nap.
  9. Breathable material.
  10. I have not transitioned my daughter to a bed yet, and won’t for several years, but I have heard the lounger is great for transitioning children to bigger beds.
  11. Deluxe+: perfect for children 0-8 months. Grand: perfect for children 12-36 months.

DockATot Grand perfect for toddlers

Pricing wise, I do think the DockATot is pricey. The smaller ones range from $175-$200, while the larger ones range from $275-$300. That’s roughly the price of some cribs. The biggest thing you must weigh is if you will use it a lot or not. I know for me, I used it every day when Avery was a baby. I didn’t set up a crib until she was much older so the DockATot was my saving grace. The ease of carrying her from room to room was just what I as a new mom needed. I love that I can travel with each DockATot too.

DockATot Grand

In the end, I guess you would have to ask yourself “Will I use this a lot?”, “Can I put a price on peace of mind and good sleep?”. It is an investment, but in my opinion, I love the DockATot.

DockATot Grand for Toddlers

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*This product was sent to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are my own.