Cradle Plus Pacifier Feeder

Cradle Plus Pacifier Feeders

My daughter is great at feeding herself except she is super messy with certain foods. I found Cradle Plus through Instagram and they have awesome products to help with the mess of meal time.

Cradle Plus Pacifier Feeder Nipples

I’ve been using the Cradle Plus Pacifier Feeder with A when she eats bananas or fruits that are a little harder for her to chew. The feeder has been working wonderfully for her and she loves it!

Cradle Plus Blue and White Pacifier Feeder

Cradle Plus Yellow and Orange Pacifier Feeder

Cradle Plus Green and Blue Pacifier Feeder

So, the kit comes with 3 different handles, 3 different nipples and screw tops to keep the nipples on the handles. You can mix and match the different nipples with each handle.

Cradle Plus Teddy Chain

You also receive a plastic bear chain to attach to the loops on the feeder handles.

Using the pacifier feeder is very simple. I made a few videos for Cradle Plus’s Instagram explaining how to use it. You can click the arrow on the right side of each video to go to the next one :

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I’ve really been liking Cradle Plus’s Pacifier feeders for A. I have tried several different brands and types of feeders  – the mesh ones as well as ones with plastic nipples from Nuby. So far, Cradle Plus’s works the best for my 10 month old. She is able to grip the handle of Cradle Plus’s feeders and hold them herself which I like. The nipples are made of silicone so they’re soft for her to chew on while she’s teething.  She also doesn’t have to squeeze the feeder so she doesn’t end up with a ton of food all over her.

If you’d like to purchase one of Cradle Plus’s Pacifier Feeders for your baby or for someone you know you can check out their social pages below. I’ll have a post about one of their other products soon! 🙂

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*These products were sent to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are my own.