Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth + Giveaway

I learned about a great whitening kit from Smile Brilliant through YouTube long ago. I don’t remember who was talking about the kit but they said such great things about it that I purchased my own kit. I had such great results the first few times I used Smile Brilliant, that when they messaged me to try out a whitening kit again, I said “oh yes!”. Long time fan here. 🙂

Smile Brilliant Whitening Tray Mold

So, what I really love about Smile Brilliant’s whitening kit is that they custom make trays for your teeth. I feel like there’s so many kits that are one-size-fits-all and that doesn’t quite work. With Smile Brilliant’s whitening kit, you receive putty and a mould to create a teeth impression. They have detailed instructions and they even give you extra putty, so everything can go flawlessly.

One thing that is great about creating your teeth mould with Smile Brilliant is that you can make it at home. You receive an envelope to ship your mould to their lab for free and within 2 weeks your whitening trays arrive at your house ready to use!

Something that absolutely drew me to Smile Brilliant is that they have gel for teeth sensitivity. My teeth are extremely sensitive to cold and especially to whitening gels. I love that I can use the sensitivity gel and there is no pain and I don’t get sharp random pains through my tooth. I’ve used Crest Whitening Strips in the past and even have done ZOOM Whitening and the discomfort and sensitivity they caused is something I don’t want to experience again.

Whitening is very simple. You can whiten anywhere from an hour to 3 hours. I like to start off slower like 20 minutes when I first whiten, but then I boost the time with the following days. It’s recommended that you whiten every day or every other day for optimal results. You should also use 1/3 of the gel from each syringe to whiten each time. You can use the whitening with veneers, which is awesome! It doesn’t whiten the veneers more than their actual original color, but it does remove surface stains. I have some veneers AND I love coffee and sodas so I think it’s the perfect all-around whitening.

Smile Brilliant Before and After Whitening

I’d absolutely recommend Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening kit to anyone who is looking for professional quality whitening that works. With the ease of using everything at home, you can’t beat that. You receive everything you need in one box and you can also order extra whitening gels or Desensitizing gels online if you need them.

If you’d like to check out Smile Brilliant check out their sites below.





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*Smile Brilliant sent me this kit free of charge for an honest review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


Tooth Whitening Gel

Cradle Plus Pacifier Feeder

Cradle Plus Pacifier Feeders

My daughter is great at feeding herself except she is super messy with certain foods. I found Cradle Plus through Instagram and they have awesome products to help with the mess of meal time.

Cradle Plus Pacifier Feeder Nipples

I’ve been using the Cradle Plus Pacifier Feeder with A when she eats bananas or fruits that are a little harder for her to chew. The feeder has been working wonderfully for her and she loves it!

Cradle Plus Blue and White Pacifier Feeder

Cradle Plus Yellow and Orange Pacifier Feeder

Cradle Plus Green and Blue Pacifier Feeder

So, the kit comes with 3 different handles, 3 different nipples and screw tops to keep the nipples on the handles. You can mix and match the different nipples with each handle.

Cradle Plus Teddy Chain

You also receive a plastic bear chain to attach to the loops on the feeder handles.

Using the pacifier feeder is very simple. I made a few videos for Cradle Plus’s Instagram explaining how to use it. You can click the arrow on the right side of each video to go to the next one :

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I’ve really been liking Cradle Plus’s Pacifier feeders for A. I have tried several different brands and types of feeders  – the mesh ones as well as ones with plastic nipples from Nuby. So far, Cradle Plus’s works the best for my 10 month old. She is able to grip the handle of Cradle Plus’s feeders and hold them herself which I like. The nipples are made of silicone so they’re soft for her to chew on while she’s teething.  She also doesn’t have to squeeze the feeder so she doesn’t end up with a ton of food all over her.

If you’d like to purchase one of Cradle Plus’s Pacifier Feeders for your baby or for someone you know you can check out their social pages below. I’ll have a post about one of their other products soon! 🙂

For a limited time you can get $10 off your order with promo code EMBERSALE!


*These products were sent to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Celebrating International Literacy Day with Incredibundles

Incredibundles Literacy is so important, and I believe you can never be too young to enjoy a good book. That’s why it’s important to teach children to have a love for reading and writing even in their early years. This month, on September 8th, you can celebrate your love for literacy on International Literacy Day! Incredibundles has made it easy for kids to love reading by providing bundles of different books. You can collect classic books, fun toys, and gifts in bundles that are shipped to your or a friend’s door. Incredibundles and Melissa and Doug Blocks Incredibundles is an amazing company that has drastically changed the way people give gifts for baby showers and more. They’ve revamped the baby gift basket by opting for a reusable storage container that is oh-so-cute. You can enjoy award-winning products and books shipped in these wonderful storage containers by ordering them through their website. One thing that I love about Incredibundles is that for every bundle you purchase, they donate to charity and they have several charities that they work with. The Tale of Peter Rabbit book The process for ordering is simple. You can either pick an already made bundle from their website, OR you can create your own bundle. I created my own bundle and I found that purchasing everything à la carte worked wonderfully for me.   SkipHop Zoo Stack and Pour Cups My order was shipped quickly to me and it was packaged beautifully! Everything arrived in a very cute container. There was a bow around the container, bubble wrap to keep anything from shifting around, and there was tissue paper inside with a metal seal on it. Right away, I was impressed with the quality Incredibundles put into the packaging alone. Avery couldn’t keep her hands off anything I ordered for her, as you can see from the pictures. Haha 🙂 That let me know that what I picked for her was perfect. Incredibundles and Peter Rabbit Plush

So what did I pick for her?

Brown Bear and Friends Board Book Gift Set

Brown Bear & Friends Board Book Gift Set by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle

Some of the first books I ever remember from school. I especially remember “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See”. I think that book and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” are probably two of the most known and loved children’s books.

SkipHop Zoo Stack Cups

SkipHop Zoo Stack and Pour Cup Set

These all have different sized holes on the bottom so your child can put water in them and let the water pour out. They can also stack the cups as well.

Melissa and Doug ABC 123 Blocks

Melissa and Doug ABC/123 Wooden Blocks Set

I thought these would be fun for Avery to play around with. She can’t exactly make words out of the blocks yet, but in time she’ll be able to. In the mean time, she can toss these around and stack them.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Harold and the Purple Crayon Illustrations

Harold and the Purple Crayon book by Crockett Johnson

Again, I remember this book from my early years in school. The illustrations will always be fresh in my mind. I love this book and I know Avery will too. I thought it would be fun to read this to her.

Incredibundles Peter Rabbit Plush

Peter Rabbit Plush Jacket Embroidery

Peter Rabbit Plush

To go along with her Peter Rabbit book, I got this beautiful, soft, plush bunny.  I love the quality of this plush. He has “Peter” embroidered onto his coat, as well as some other embroidery. He’s also a decent size. I thought he’d be fairly small, but he is a nice, medium size. Perfect for snuggling. Avery has already tried to poke his eyes more times than I can count. :’D

Good Night, I Love You book

Goodnight, I Love You book by Caroline Jayne Church

A super cute book for putting little ones to bed. It’s one of those classic, feel-good books.

Incredibundles Create a Bundle

The Tale of Peter Rabbit book by Beatrix Potter

My brothers and sisters and I used to read these books and watch the movies they made of them all the time. Our family loves Beatrix Potter books! When I saw this book on Incredibundles website, I had to get it for Avery. 🙂 I hope to keep this book in our family for a very long time.

Incredibundles Gift Set

All-in-all, I had a very pleasant experience with Incredibundles services. I think they’ve done an incredible job finding quality products for babies and children. Everything shipped quickly, was in excellent condition, and my daughter loved all the products. I’d definitely recommend Incredibundles to anyone who is looking to get presents for a baby shower or birthday.

You can check out Incredibundles website HERE and their social media below.


*These products were sent to me free of charge for a completely honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 


Find Your Valuables with the Chipolo Tracker

Chipolo Tracker

Finding my valuables has become so much easier since having my Chipolo tracker. As a mom, I’m always feeling scatterbrained and I’m always busy doing a million things. I can never remember where my keys, purse, phone or many other things are. Chipolo has made losing my valuables a thing of the past!

I can connect my Chipolos to an app on my phone. Whenever I lose a valuable, I press the icon for it on my phone and it will play a ring tone on the corresponding Chipolo to help me find it. There’s also a map showing the location of the Chipolo.

So what if I lose my phone? I simply click the Chipolo twice and it will ring my phone even if it’s on SILENT. 😍 Which, if you’re like me happens way more than it should.



Also, If I lose one of my valuables that has the Chipolo on it and someone else who has the app goes by that item, I get an email telling me the location of the item! I think that is so brilliant.

So what do I not love about the Chipolo? I only have two qualms so far.

  1. The Chipolo works through Bluetooth. So if you are out of range, you will not be able to connect to the Chipolo through your phone. The max range for the Chipolo to ring your item is 200 yards. But this decreases with walls, etc. I have only run into this issue once where I went to ring my Chipolo and because it was in the basement it didn’t ring. I figure it’s hard for a lot of cell phones to have service in a basement so it makes sense that it wouldn’t ring.
  2. One of the two styles of Chipolos has a non-replaceable battery. There is the Chipolo Classic and the Chipolo Plus. I have the Chipolo Plus, which has a non-replaceable battery. The battery is supposed to last 12 months. I will have to see how long mine lasts. The reason that the battery is non-replaceable is that with technology ever-changing they’d like you to change out Chipolos. There is a recycling program where you can return your old Chipolo to the company and they will give you up to a 50% discount off a new Chipolo. The price of one Chipolo is $24.99 so you wouldn’t be paying much at all to replace one. You also get a bigger price reduction by buying Chipolos in bulk.

All-in-all, the Chipolo is pretty great! It has saved my sanity more times than I can count. I love that it’s water resistant. It comes in 7 different colors. I have two Chipolos. One of them is in the color “Rose Quartz” and the other one is in “Pearl White”. They look so good with my Diaper bag and keys. I think it’s great that the ringtone is nice and loud too. It’s up to 100db which if you read this chart compares it to a power lawn mower’s noise level.

Check out Chipolo at https://chipolo.net 

*This product was sent to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transitioner Blanket + Giveaway

If you’ve swaddled your baby for a while but they’re starting to turn over, you may want to get a swaddle transitioner. I’ve been using the Zipadee-Zip for a few months now, and I love it. My daughter had been swaddled since birth so, naturally, I was worried about taking a swaddle away from her. The swaddle was comforting to her and also it was familiar.

I starting using the Zipadee-Zip when Avery was 4 months old – but that proved to be too soon for her. With teething going on, and so much mental transitioning, she just wasn’t ready for it. I decided to try it months later at 6-7 months and Avery slept wonderfully in it. I would say the biggest thing is to not compare your child to anyone else’s. Do what works for your child.

As far as transitioning Avery when she was older, it was seamless. I’m glad that I waited a bit to use a transitioner with her. Her first night (at 6-7 months) with the Zipadee-Zip she slept with no problems. The nights thereafter, she slept great too.

What I love about the Zipadee-Zip is that Avery has a blanket to keep her warm. I don’t have to worry about the material covering her face or anything scary like that. Because Avery used to take naps with me nearby, I’d let her use a blanket. So she became comfortable with a blanket. At night, that posed a problem. Thankfully, the Zipadee-Zip solved that problem for me. I love that it’s easy to put on to her. I simply put her arms and legs in and I zip it up. If she happens to turn over in the night, it’s no problem because she is able to use her hands and arms to move around. One thing that is great about the Zipadee-Zip is that it helps with the startle reflex in babies. It has a wing design so there is a slight resistance if the child puts their arms out.

I’d definitely recommend the Zipadee-Zip to moms whose children have been swaddled. It’s the perfect way to transition your child to sleeping without the swaddle.

The makers of the Zipadee-Zip also make teethers! My daughter absolutely loves hers. I clip it to her outfit and she’s able to grab it and gnaw on the silicone shapes. There is also a piece of fabric with a snap button on the opposite end of the clip so that I can attach a binky to the teether. Let me just tell you now that I have tried numerous teethers with Avery and she will hardly ever touch them. This one is one of her absolute favorites! 🙂

You can find the Zipadee-Zip HERE. Follow their social media platforms below.


Also, the folks at Zipadee-Zip are very kind and wanted me to do a GIVEAWAY for my followers. Enter at the link below with your name and email. There’s also a chance for extra entries. 🙂 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This product was given to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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