My Go-to Fruit Bar: Larabar


Have you ever found yourself at the grocery store looking for a healthy protein or fruit bar to eat as a pick-me-up? I’ve tried quite a few of them, cardboard taste and all, and I can say I’ve found one particular brand that I’m definitely loving at the moment.

Remember I told you I enjoy watching raw food videos on Youtube? 🙂 Well, my current favorite fruit bars are called Lärabar . They have lots of ingredients raw foodists would use in their recipes. They aren’t fully raw, but they’re close enough for me. I was really excited to have found them because so many bars have way too much junk in them. No bar from Lärabar contains more than 9 ingredients and they use unsweetened fruits and nuts. Lastly, they are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, and Kosher. So, as you can see, they’re pretty neat all around because they’re good for many diets and lifestyles.

My Top Fav. Fruit Bar From Lärabar:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar I’ll admit that when I first bit into this bar, I was taken aback. I don’t eat many raw food desserts or snacks so the fact that this didn’t have the sugary taste most bars do was a little different. But, after just a few bites, I was hooked. The salty taste of cashews in this mixed with the sweet taste of dates gives it a great dynamic. Along with those ingredients is, of course, chocolate chips as well as sea saltYum! 🙂

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie Larabar Mmm, yes..  Key.. Lime.. Pie. So delicious. This bar actually tastes very similar to Key Lime Pie. 🙂 Ingredients in this are : dates , cashews, almonds, unsweetened coconut, and lime juice concentrate. The dates, cashews, and almonds act to me as a graham cracker-y crust taste and then the coconut and lime juice as the lime pie filling. This is super tasty if you’re craving a Key Lime Pie. 🙂

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake Larabar I’ll admit, this is not my favorite bar. To me, it resembles a Christmas spiced fruit-cake. I’m not a fan of the spices/ingredients in this one but I know if someone loved Christmas spices and flavorings they may love this one. Ingredients: Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins, Pineapple, Unsweetened Coconut, Carrots, Cinnamon, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Second Favorite Fruit Bar: Chocolate Chip Brownie

Chocolate Chip Brownie Larabar Dub me a chocoholic. 🙂 My second favorite… Chocolate Chip Brownie. This bar is really rich and you may expect it to be pretty sweet but it’s actually not. I think the Walnuts in this make it a little bit bitter but it’s still got a bit of sweetness. It has similar ingredients to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar but contains different nuts. I really like this bar when I’m craving brownies or similar treats. Ingredients in this bar include : Dates, Chocolate Chips, Almonds, Walnuts, Cocoa Powder, and Sea Salt.

I hope you’ll give these a try. Nuts are a great way to get protein and they are wonderful sources of energy. If you do try these, let me know what you think.

You can find Lärabar at these links:


and even subscribe to their eNewsletter for updates and offers 🙂

*Disclaimer : PR Sample from Lärabar. All thoughts on these products are 100% honest, and my own.



  1. plus+beauty27 February 18, 2015

    Wow those bars sound pretty good! 🙂

    • prettyloved February 18, 2015

      They are really yummy, Katie! 🙂 You should really try them but get them when they have a sale. I always stock up that way. Haha

      • plus+beauty27 February 18, 2015

        Where do you buy them?

        • prettyloved February 18, 2015

          Just in the health part of your store or where you’d find snack bars like Zone or Cliff bars.

  2. lovelarisarose February 18, 2015

    Mmmm I love these! My personal favorite is the cherry one. Not sure exactly what it is called, but it’s delightful!

    • prettyloved February 18, 2015

      Agreed! I have never tried the cherry one! They have so many flavors that I honestly can’t wait to try the rest. 🙂


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