A Great Night’s Rest with Nectar Mattress

Avery with Nectar Mattress

Are you in the market for a new mattress? I have to say, I love a soft mattress and I’ve always been a mattress topper kind of girl, but I can tell you that I’ve been loving my NECTAR mattress. I mostly would put mattress toppers on my beds because they’re super soft and I love how my body sinks into them. But, after having tried a memory foam mattress like NECTAR, I am converted to this comfy mattress.

Close up of NECTAR mattress

I was given a chance to review NECTAR several months ago and I must admit that for the first week and a half of trying it, I didn’t love it. In fact,  I was wondering if I should put my old mattress back down on my bed. For someone who loves sleeping on cloud-soft mattresses, the feeling of NECTAR was much different from what I was used to. It almost felt hard at first.  I had tossed and turned for nights in this mattress and I was almost ready to give up using it. After all, sleep is golden when you have a baby and I wasn’t about to lose that luxury.  I decided to stick it out and keep trying NECTAR because most mattresses have a trial period for a reason. Your body needs to get used to them. Well, my body did get used to the NECTAR mattress. It did take that initial week and a half, but after that I have slept amazingly.

Nectar Mattress

I deal with some back issues (mostly in the middle of my back) and using NECTAR has helped me to wake up day after day with no problems. One reason that NECTAR is so comfortable is that the mattress is composed of 4 layers of foam:

Nectar Mattress Diagram

I do like the NECTAR mattress now and I feel like I’ve been able to get into deep sleep while using it. Something that I find funny is that my dog, Bear, absolutely loves it. If he’s not hanging out in the living room or in the basement (where he frequently goes) he is laying on my bed. He didn’t used to lay on my other mattress unless I asked him to.

NECTAR pillow

I quickly wanted to mention that I am not a huge fan of NECTAR’s pillows. I think they are a little bit hard for my taste. But my husband seems to do just fine with his pillow. I am one of those people who likes to stack fluffy pillows until my neck is jacked up. It’s comfortable to me. I know that a lot of people like having one pillow, though. That is how my husband is… So if you like having one pillow that is firm, this pillow may be for you.

Nectar Pillow Closeup

There are a few things I have to say that I love about NECTAR Sleep company.

  1. You can try their mattresses for 365 nights! I’m serious… TRIAL for 365 nights. I’ve heard of 30 day trials, even 90 day ones, but 365 is just crazy.

Nectar Forever Warranty

You can purchase a NECTAR mattress and receive $125 dollars off PLUS two free pillows with this LINK.


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Nuby 360 Degree Wonder Cup and E-Z Squee-Z™

Nuby No-Spill 360 Wonder Cup

How many of you are transitioning your baby from a sippy cup to a regular cup? If you are, then Nuby has some great cups to help with that. One of the cups I have found that has helped A transition is the Nuby 360 Degree Wonder Cup.

Features of the 360 Wonder Cup

  • Made of plastic.
  • Child can sip from any side
  • 8 oz / 240 ml
  • (The cup in my post features two handles but you can get ones without handles.)
  • Water comes out from pressure of child’s lips on the cup
  • *Mostly* spill-proof. I will explain below…

My Thoughts About the 360 Wonder Cup

So over-all, I like the 360 Wonder Cup. I love that Avery has been able to drink from it easily since she was a lot younger. The fact that she can sip from any direction on the top of the cup, and her drink comes out is great. I also like that there are handles to make holding her cup much easier. Avery can hold practically any cup now, but when she was younger, she had some issues.

Something that I don’t love about the 360 Wonder Cup is that it is supposed to be spill-proof but I haven’t found that to be true yet. Granted, if Avery is drinking water from this cup, it doesn’t all go pouring down her shirt like a regular cup. But, if Avery drops her cup on the floor or drops it on her tray upside down, the pressure makes water spill out. I do still like to use this cup because I think it’s way less messy than a regular cup but I don’t think it is spill-proof.

Features of the E-Z Squee-Z™

  • Helps promote self-feeding in babies
  • For semi-solid foods and purees
  • Made of silicone
  • For babies 3+ months old

My Thoughts About the E-Z Squee-Z™

I have loved having the E-Z Squee-Z. When Avery was learning to eat semi-solid foods or when I wanted her to be able to eat berries or something similar but not choke on them, I used the E-Z Squee-Z. Avery’s favorite thing to eat in it has been bananas or yogurt. I don’t use it AS much these days since Avery can eat tons more on her own than she used to be able to. But, I like being able to put yogurt in this and Avery can’t squeeze it all over the place like she would be able to with a yogurt pouch.

The only negative thing I would say about the E-Z Squee-Z is that sometimes the bottle likes to suction and I find that it would be hard for a baby or toddler to squeeze the contents of the bottle upwards.

Over-all, I would say I have liked these two Nuby products. They have helped with Avery transitioning from a baby to an almost toddler.  They are simple to put together and also to clean which is all a mama can ask for.

You can check out Nuby’s other products on their website.



Girl’s Room Makeover with NoJo Bedding

NoJo Bedding Bedroom Makeover

Girly Bedroom Makeover

One of my favorite pastimes is decorating my daughter’s room. I like the look of simple and clean spaces, so I use pastel colors and whites in her room. NoJo has made it so simple to decorate her space exactly how I like. They have the cutest bedding and accessories to pull any room together. I was able to do a mini makeover on Avery’s room, recently, and I love how it turned out.

NoJo Chantilly Bedding Embroidery Closeup

NoJo not only carries their own brands of bedding, but they have licensed brands like Nautica Kids, Carter’s Infant, Disney, Dreamworks and more.

NoJo Chantilly Bedding Set

I currently have NoJo’s Chantilly bedding set in Avery’s room and I love it. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on Avery’s room. The Chantilly set includes a light pink comforter with white lace embroidery, a pink dust ruffle, a pink nursery organizer and a white sheet with pink designs.



Something I like about NoJo’s bedding is that the quality is very nice. I don’t feel like I’m getting cheap bedding that is going to fall apart in one year. Another thing that I like is that I can wash the bedding with no problems. My daughter spills bottles of milk in her bed all the time so stains on her sheets are inevitable. Luckily, I’m able to get the stains out with no issues.

If you’d like to check out NoJo’s bedding, you can find it at these retailers (links below):

Check out NoJo’s pages below


Shop the post – Clickable photos below.

Pillowfort Swan HeadNoJo Chantilly Bedding SetLollipop Baby Camera

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bObsweep and bObi Robotic Vacuum Comparison and Review


Happy New Year to all of you near and far! 😊 It’s been a crazy year but, hey, we made it.

I know you probably all have been writing down goals that you’d like to achieve this new year. One of my largest goals is keeping my house CLEAN.

I’ve been trying to make it a priority, daily, to keep on top of messes in my house. I figured last year that I should probably start making a habit of cleaning as I go so that I would be ready for 2018.

With a newly walking one-year-old, a dog that sheds like no tomorrow, and holidays with family, it’s been impossible lately for me to keep up with all the messes in the house. One thing that I’ve had to do daily is sweep my floors. I have an Akita dog and he sheds like crazy. If I were not sweeping every day, my floors would be caked in dust, hair, dirt, food from snacks my daughter eats and more. All I have to say is thank goodness, I learned about bObsweep and bObi. They are robotic vacuums that can sweep and mop my house for me and I love them.

I wanted to tell you about the key features of both vacuums, so you can compare them.  That way, if you want to purchase one, you have a better idea of what it can do in your home.

Personally, I like the quietness of the bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum, but I love the fact that the bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum can take so much more into its dustbin. Overall, I am just glad that I don’t have to sweep or vacuum my house every day. I think that both vacuums do a wonderful job of that.

bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum

Weight: 10 lbs

Touchscreen Buttons: Juice, Waffle and Go!

Automatic Charging at 15% battery life. bObi goes back to her docking station.

UV Sterilization

Sweeps, Vacuums, and Mops

HEPA filter

Infrared edge sensors and 80 touch sensors to keep bObi out of the way of furniture ,obstacles, stairs, etc.

Dustbin is washable

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Weight: 7.72 lbs

Can clean wood, tile, carpet and more.

Sweeps, Vacuums and Mops

HEPA filter

UV Sterilization

Spring-Actuated Surface Automator helps bOb adjust himself to different floor surfaces. He can go from my wooden floor, above the transition piece between the living room and the kitchen where there is tile with no problem.

1000 ML dustbin – the largest bin in the industry! I love that I don’t have to empty this out every 5 minutes. It can hold a lot of dust, hair and other junk.

Automatic charging at 15% battery life.

Overall, I like the vacuums. I do think that they sometimes have issues with navigation. I can use the remote control to get them to where they need to be, but if I were not home, I would wonder if they would dock to charge every time on their own. That would be the only issue I really have with them. Otherwise, they go under and around objects pretty well and they clean well too.

Do you have a robotic vacuum? Would you consider getting one? Tell me your thoughts.

You can purchase these vacuums at QVC, HOME DEPOT, or BEST BUY. 🙂

*These products were sent to me free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Snapfish Picture Books for Your Holidays

Snapfish Book

I love taking pictures of my little girl and making picture books with her pictures through Snapfish has been amazing.

Snapfish Photo Book

The holidays have been so nice. This past Thanksgiving was Avery’s first where she could actually eat the food that was made. I made a Thanksgiving themed book titled “I’m Thankful For..” to document all the things I am thankful for this year. Included in the book are photos of holidays, birthdays, and fun outings Avery and I had this year.

Snapfish Photo Book

What I love about Snapfish is that they make the process simple for creating your photo book. They have loads of pictures and designs you can add to your book including backgrounds and frames.

Snapfish Photo Book

Something I think I love most about Snapfish is that I can take pictures from my Instagram or Facebook and use them in my books. Snapfish lets you upload the pictures from the sources. I take loads of pictures on Instagram due to my blog so that’s huge for me!

I also love the fact that the books are made and shipped fairly quickly.

Snapfish Photo Book

I’m thankful I can make cute photo books through Snapfish because I’m able to keep photographs that mean a lot to me in one place. My photos aren’t sitting in a bucket never to be seen again. I can keep my books on a table, bookshelf, or wherever and pull them out for years to come for my kids.

Snapfish is super kind and they have created a code for me to give my followers 40% off their order. You can use code KRISTINBOOK40.

*I received this product free of charge from Snapfish. All opinions are my own.


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