Two Products That Will Help Clear Your Skin + Giveaway!


I’ve used 2 products this week that have truly been wonderful for my skin. The first is one that was given to me by Apothecary Extracts. It’s 100% pure Australian Tea Tree oil.

Firstly, you can use Tea Tree oil for so many things. I really had no idea it wasn’t just for skin. It’s anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial, so not only can you fix skin problems with it but you can clean with it as well or use it in your hair.


I decided to use this for my spots because I’ve heard a lot of great things about Tea Tree oil for acne spots. I noticed that within a few days my spots were shrinking and going away. It says you should mix this with another oil at first but I wanted to use it by itself and I didn’t feel like I had any issues.



Works well for acne

Has many uses

Great consistency

Bottle has a small hole in the top when opened so the oil doesn’t spill out everywhere

100% Pure


Strong smell that makes me think of gasoline but it goes away fairly quickly and you don’t notice any more.

I really like this oil. So far it has proven to work pretty well. :) I’ve used it every day for the past week and it’s consistently worked to make my spots smaller. I have seen girls mix this with their face masks which I think I will try soon and post for ya’ll. :) I would definitely recommend this.

A large 4 ounce bottle is $25 but can easily last you a year or more. I barely use any when I cover my spots.


This is a blackhead and whitehead extractor I bought off Amazon by Malva Belle. It cost about $12 and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I saw someone on YouTube using one of these and I immediately wanted one because I struggle with both black and white heads.


The first end is the whitehead extractor. The loop goes around the whitehead and pulls the junk out. It all stays in the loop which is really nice.

The flat side is the blackhead extractor. You run this down your nose, chin, etc., and it pulls all the little blackheads from the top of the skin into the loop.

This little tool makes clearing spots SO much easier. You don’t get scars, it’s not painful, and it works quickly. All you need to do is steam or clean your face so your pores are open. I’ve noticed that between using this and the Tea Tree oil, my skin has been mostly clear this week and that makes me really happy. My pores look smaller because they don’t have gunk in them.

Like I said before, I would highly recommend buying these. They work well and they work quickly. :)

What top skin care products do you recommend?


Apothecary Extracts wants to give a free bottle away! :) You will receive a code for a huge bottle like I have. Just simply leave a comment on my post!  This giveaway is open to US entrants only, sorry! You must have an Amazon account as well so you can use the code. :)

*Disclosure – I received the Tea Tree oil free of charge from Apothecary Extracts via Tomoson. All opinions are my own.

BzzAgent Box: Kroger Co. Family of Brands


 This past week I got a BzzAgent box featuring Kroger products from different brands. I shop at Dillon’s every week, which is a division of Kroger stores, so I enjoy their products. I was happy to have gotten an email from them asking me if I wanted to bzz about this. In case you don’t know what BzzAgent is.. have a look at a previous post I did here.

Here is a quick introduction of the Kroger brands from BzzAgent :

Kroger® Brand

The classic Kroger® Brand has you covered with the products you love most in every section of your local store.

Private Selection

Each Private Selection item has been carefully crafted to delight your senses — from the artisanal breads and cheeses to prime meat cuts and decadent desserts.

Simple Truth & Simple Truth Organic

Every Simple Truth product is free from 101+ artificial preservatives and ingredients — taking the worry out of what’s in your food.


Kroger’s culinary explorers traveled the globe to bring you an extraordinary collection of authentic, regional food specialties.

Everyday Low Price Brands

On a tight budget? Look for P$$T…, Check This Out… and Heritage Farm items throughout your local store to discover great prices on everyday essentials.

Here’s what my box contained:

Kroger® Brand Tomatillo Lime Flavored Tortillas

Simple Truth Banana Chips

P$$T… Brownie Mix

Private Selection Coffee

Coupons for FREE Bacon, Noodles, and Sauces (such as Fajita and Queso)

Pass-along coupons for friends :)

Thoughts on the contents of my box:

Kroger Brand Tomatillo Lime Flavored TortillasI decided to slow cook some ranch chicken tacos in the crock pot and have them with cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. They turned out really tasty with these tortillas. What I would say is that I didn’t love the tomatillo flavor as much as the lime flavor that came through while eating these — but they’re not bad at all. My husband and I liked these. I will have to see how they work with other recipes.

Simple Truth Banana Chips -  I’m not a very big fan of banana chips but these are not bad. They’re crunchy, not too sweet and, actually, a little filling. I could see these being a great snack to take out on the beach with your kids or on the go. I wouldn’t say I loved them but they’re not bad at all. I am not a dried fruit fan normally, so there you go.

P$$T…Brownie MixAhhh… How do I love thee?… Let me count the ways.. This brownie mix is to die for. I have had quite a bit of brownies in my lifetime and these are super fudgy, soft, chocolate-y and just, all around, delicious. I made an 8×8 glass dish of ‘em for my husband and I the other night and, well, they’re gone. John isn’t a huge fan of chocolate, so if he likes something made with chocolate, it’s usually something very good. I would highly recommend these!

Private Selection CoffeeI don’t drink coffee or have a way to make this so I gave it to a friend of mine. I will say this smelled really nice. :) I almost wanted to keep it in a bowl so my place smelled like roasted coffee beans. I really love the smell of coffee. In fact, one of my favorite things is walking past the coffee aisle in the grocery store.. :).. Pure bliss.

As far as the coupons, I haven’t used them yet but I definitely will be. They don’t expire until May of this year. I plan on grabbing some Applewood bacon from Private Selection because it’s super tasty as well as maybe grabbing some Fajita sauce since I am a huge Fajita fan.

Over-all, I liked most of the products. I didn’t realize just how many different brands and products Kroger had until I looked it up — and I go to Kroger stores every single week. Will definitely have to check out more of their great items that I’ve overlooked. I am definitely impressed with the variety of products they have at such affordable prices. A lot of products they have are very comparable to more expensive brands.

Are you a Kroger Shopper? What are your thoughts? P.S. BROWNIES <3

You can like Kroger’s FB for coupons as well as sales here.

*This box was given to me by BzzAgent for an honest and hype-free review. All opinions are 100% my own and are in NO way influenced by BzzAgent or Kroger. #GotItFree :)

Foundation That Gives You a Natural Look


Let’s just get this out there .. Having to do the same ol’ concealer, foundation, powder routine gets old. Sometimes you’d just like to have your face done in 5 minutes and actually feel like you look somewhat put together. Well, with Bare Minerals foundation you can.

Bare Minerals is a loose mineral powder that covers imperfections whilst also creating an even layer on your skin. Because it’s made up of minerals, it doesn’t have a drying effect on the skin.

golden fair bare minerals Source

My current shade is “Golden Fair” from the Bare Minerals matte foundation line. Its description is: “for the fairest of porcelain skin with yellow-olive tones”.


Even Coverage
No parabens or fillers
You only need to use a little
SPF of 15


None that I’ve found yet

I really like this foundation because it’s very simple to use and you don’t have to use a lot. You simply put a little bit in the lid, swirl a brush into it, tap away the excess, and buff it into your skin. It only takes a minute or so and you don’t have to really deal with using concealer or anything else because it’s basically an all-in-one product. Not only that, but it lasts a long time. You don’t have to worry about having to redo your makeup in an hour.

The price tag is $28 for a .21 oz. jar — which sounds a little steep, but with as much as you need to use daily, this lasts so long.

 Definitely a must-try! :) You can find more at


What I Love to Watch on Netflix


I feel like, by now , most people can call themselves Netflix aficionados. With so many great shows, a low price, and unlimited watch times, how could you not enjoy Netflix? :) I wanted to share some of my favorite series with you.

Breaking Bad

breaking badSource

This is one of my favorite shows ever. It sounds really bad when you see what it’s about, but it all makes sense. Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has cancer. Not knowing what to do, he decides to team up with an old student of his (a drug dealer) to learn how to make Crystal Meth. That way his family is not burdened with the cost of medical bills and they can have financial stability. I love the difference in characters on here. I feel like every single actor they chose was perfect for their part. It’s funny, dark, and brilliant. The story line is flawless and it gets more and more intense — but in a good way. Walter White is brilliant! You see him turn from timid and nerdy to manipulative and assertive. He truly shows what a master mind he is. I feel like the finale was incredible too.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Source

This show is all about survivors in a zombie apocalypse. I am in <3 with zombie films and shows. I always have been. Not sure why.. haha. Is it creepy? :D There are so many characters from different backgrounds in this show but they all work together because they have one thing in common — and that’s staying alive. Of course, in a perfect world, everyone would get along with each other but on here they don’t. It’s interesting seeing where their moral compasses lie. Sometimes they have to do things that are unthinkable like killing their friends because they’re infected. You really see their characters transform.

Bob’s Burgers

Bob's BurgersSource

This show is hilarious. It’s about Bob Belcher and his family who own a burger shop. I find the characters are pretty funny. The relationship between the mom, Linda, and Bob remind me of my husband and I. He’s not always sunshine and rainbows and I am always singing or humming and dancing around or excited about things. Tina Belcher, the daughter, is socially awkward and boy crazed. It’s funny seeing her interactions with everyone. The youngest kids Gene and Louise are crazy and they get themselves into some interesting situations. Definitely something to watch if you’re up for a comedy.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your MotherSource

A story told from Ted to his kids about him and his 4 friends from New York and their many adventures and how he met their mother. This show is one I could not stop watching. In fact, I own 6 out of 9 seasons. I really need to complete my collection. Ted is a hopeless romantic, Robin is a newscaster, Barney is a player, and Lily and Marshall are a couple who have been together for years. As you can see, an interesting combination.. but they’re all best friends. It reminds me of Friends a bit. It’s got its comic parts but it also has very serious parts. Totally made me cry a few times. Haha :) If you’re in college or above, you’ll enjoy this show.

Food Documentaries

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Forks Over Knives
Food, Inc.Source Source Source
I’ve always had a fascination with nutrition and health so I’m a big lover of health documentaries and videos. The great thing is that Netflix has loads of different documentaries to choose from. These are a few interesting ones they’ve had on there. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine” and a lot of these films explain how you can use food to, basically, reverse different sicknesses and be your medicine. I’d definitely suggest watching these.

What are you watching on Netflix, currently?


What I’d Really Love Lately


  1. Clarisonic Mia 2 : Has a sensitive brush head so it’s great for sensitive skin. Gives you a deep clean. Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  2. Watermelon Lemonade Bath & Body Works Candle : Smells really nice :) Not too strong of a scent but it’s fragrant enough to fill a room.
  3. Lush Bath Bomb : Butterball : Vanilla scented with chunks of cocoa butter so it’s good for sensitive skin. :)
  4. Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow : A fiber gel that fills in and builds your brows. I saw this on HSN and def want this.
  5. Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion : I’ve been hearing so much about this spot cream. Apparently it’s pretty dang awesome and works fast to clear your skin.
  6. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick : Stays on like a stain and is pigmented. There’s so many gorgeous colors to choose from. :)
  7. Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine : A light powder that leaves your skin looking less shiny and your pores looking smaller. Love!<3
  8. I’d Rather Be Napping Sweatshirt by Monday Girl Apparel : I feel like this describes me in 4 words. Haha :D Napping is amazing.
  9. Lush Bath Bomb: Sakura : Has a floral fragrance and contains sea salt which is very soothing. :) Perfect for relaxation.

What’s on your beauty wish list lately?

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